Sunday, September 27, 2015

350 Days until Ironman

Once again I'm going to try and attempt to keep a blog that documents my full year to Ironman.  Two weeks ago I finished my 8th Ironman and it didn't really go well.  It was clear I didn't train enough and I was disappointed in my performance.  Over the past year I've actually gained weight, have done a poor job a developing a regular workout routine and found myself many times in "hero mode" where I have to do 4-6 hour day to just make up for lack of workout during the week.  Of course it's easy to say right now post poor Ironman performance that I'm going to step it up next year.  I'm getting to the point though that if I don't start to do better at my yearly training I going to be in a position that actually finishing may be in jeopardy.  For the next year I have 3 goals.

1) Train 6 days a week, even on travel
2) Focus on eating right
3) Get to 175 lbs for race day.

Second I want to keep a better daily log of the following:

Calories In/Out:

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