Sunday, September 27, 2015

350 Days until Ironman

Once again I'm going to try and attempt to keep a blog that documents my full year to Ironman.  Two weeks ago I finished my 8th Ironman and it didn't really go well.  It was clear I didn't train enough and I was disappointed in my performance.  Over the past year I've actually gained weight, have done a poor job a developing a regular workout routine and found myself many times in "hero mode" where I have to do 4-6 hour day to just make up for lack of workout during the week.  Of course it's easy to say right now post poor Ironman performance that I'm going to step it up next year.  I'm getting to the point though that if I don't start to do better at my yearly training I going to be in a position that actually finishing may be in jeopardy.  For the next year I have 3 goals.

1) Train 6 days a week, even on travel
2) Focus on eating right
3) Get to 175 lbs for race day.

Second I want to keep a better daily log of the following:

Calories In/Out:

Monday, October 6, 2014

342 Days To Ironman

This morning it was back on the bike for an hour in the pain cave.  I'll say it felt better than it did last week but still not feeling like I'm completely back into the swing of things.  I was a bit sore from my run yesterday but I did manage to bike faster than I did last week on Monday.  Probably be a few weeks yet before I really feel like I back and ready to get after it.  Right now is really about staying in reasonable shape and not getting fat.

Pushup 30, 25, 25
Crunches 25, 20, 20
Curls 30lb 10,10,10

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 50 Totals

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 34:49
Bike: 53:00
Run: 1:03:52

Total Hours: 2:31

Not the week I really intended to have this week but with being sick and over doing it early in the week there wasn't a whole lot I could do.  Next week I plan to get few more hours in but the following week I'll be headed on a family vacation to Disney so it won't be an ideal week for workouts either.  Probably going to be late October before I really get back into the swim of things.

343 Days To Ironman

Today was my first day back working out after spending the last few days being sick.  Although I was sick I was pretty beat up after doing the 3 days of work outs at the beginning of the week and really needed some days off.  I feel bad to have a false start like this but there is still plenty of time until my race next year so there really isn't a need to rush back into it.


Followed by:
30,30,20 Pushups
30,30,20 Crunches
10,10,10 : 30lb Curls

Saturday, October 4, 2014

346-344 Day To Ironman

Came down with a cold so I took Wednesday - Saturday off from working out.  In fact, on Friday I took the day off work and slept most of the day in bed.  Felt better on Saturday but this was not a great week of workouts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

347 Days To Ironman

Went to bed last night at 8:00pm and slept until 7:30 this morning.  When I work up I was tired as hell and there was no way I was working out.  Taking today off and seeing how I feel tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

348 Days To Ironman

Swam for the first time today, it was fast but it was tough.  I think I may be getting a bit sick so that could be the issue rather then not being recovered from Ironman.  Swimming generally comes back way faster than everything else.  We will see later in the week when I swim again.

Update: Got home today at around 8:00pm after a long day of work and went right to bed. Slept until 7:30 the next morning and felt destroyed.